We appreciate and are proud to share with you what our clients – those who have trusted us to build their dream homes in the Triangle area – have to say about their adventure with J.P. Swain Company. Call us today and share your vision. We are listening.

“I just want to say what a beautiful house you built! We have really enjoyed the first year in our home and continue to be impressed with the detailed custom work.”
– Mark and Beth V.

“We feel very fortunate to have teamed with such a unique and thoughtful builder. We could not have wished for a better match to build our vision.”
– The G. family

“Thank you so much for building us a beautiful home. We love it. You were wonderful to work with, and we truly appreciate all your hard work making our new house perfect.”
– The B. family

“It’s rare to find a builder who maintains such high standards and upholds customers’ interests and satisfaction as we have experienced with J.P. Swain Company. This is not only reflects your company, but more importantly, your personal character. We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude.”
– Cynthia and Ken V.

“I want to express once more our pleasure in our home, which is practically perfect in every way. We could not be more pleased with its appearance, practicality and construction. We both appreciate your patience and acceptance in working with us to make the alterations and changes we requested. You provided us with a new home where we can happily live for the rest of our lives.”
– Ann R.

“You are truly an incredible builder! Even after two years, we continue to get many compliments on the design and construction of our home. There really isn’t any other builder as diligent and responsive as you. J.P. Swain takes action and ensures every issue is addressed to the customer’s satisfaction. You leave a special mark on your work. You really are one of a kind!”
– Jessica G.

“It’s hard to believe the day has finally come. Our hats are off to you for the hard work you put into this house…our house and home to raise our children. It’s beautiful and you should be proud. We are very grateful for what you’ve done and just wanted to say thank you very much!”
– The N. family

“Thank you for building our home. You were always so kind to us, spending many hours discussing all the different ideas with us. We are forever grateful and delighted with the finished house! Thank you.”
– The M. family